The Killer App

12:36 PM -- Optical Expo -- The difference between a conference on Web 2.0 and one on optical networking is remarkable. For Web 2.0, you have lots of ideas around consumer behavior and not much discussion of whether networks can adapt.

Here, there's hardly any discussion of what's driving bandwidth. The obsession is all around how old networks deal with the surging popularity of applications that go far beyond what those networks were designed to do.

In case you need "the killer app" defined concisely, Infinera's global director of technical marketing, Dr. Vijay Vusirikala, who's speaking now, has given the best description I've heard in a while: "The killer app is video plus social networking. And once you add HD to that you have a super killer app."

There ya go.

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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