10:00 AM -- Ah! The glories of the techno age we live in! The Guardian reports on a novel and deucedly clever niche application of wireless technology:

    Welcome to the disturbing world of the "happy slappers" - a youth craze in which groups of teenagers armed with camera phones slap or mug unsuspecting children or passersby while capturing the attacks on 3g technology.

    According to police and anti-bullying organisations, the fad, which began as a craze on the UK garage music scene before catching on in school playgrounds across the capital last autumn, is now a nationwide phenomenon...

    What makes the attacks all the more bewildering is that many victims do not realise they have been happy slapped until after the event...
Sigh. Thank God, such a thing could never take hold in the U.S. of America. Our wireless coverage isn't good enough.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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