Super Fertile Pandas

4:05 PM -- The Associated Press reports that, for pandas, absence makes the libido grow fonder:

    Since 2003, Bai Yun and her consort, Gao Gao, have produced three cubs, making them one of the most reproductively successful panda couples ever in captivity. Their youngest offspring, a chubby female, will be named Monday when she reaches 100 days old, following Chinese tradition.

    For all but two days of the year, Bai Yun (White Cloud) and Gao Gao (Big Big) lead separate lives, gnawing on bamboo and taking long naps in pens far apart, much as wild pandas — naturally solitary creatures — would hide from each other in mountain forests.

    But when Bai Yun enters her brief fertile periods, zookeepers make sure Gao Gao is there, sniffing her through a perforated gate zookeepers call the "howdy door" until her chirps and bleats indicate she's ready to get down to business.

Yeah, nothing gets me going like when a panda sniffs me through a "howdy door."

    Putting the virgin Bai Yun with Gao Gao, who had not mated before, caused some concern. Swaisgood thought it might be like "the blind leading the blind." Instead, Gao Gao surprised everyone by mating with Bai Yun three times in a single day.

Who could doubt the abilities of a guy named "Big Big"?

    Gao Gao is aggressive during the first 24 hours of her cycle and then wanders back to his bamboo pile once he's had his fill — even if Bai Yun beckons him with her customary booty-shake.

Booty and bamboo. Ahh, the good life.

— Red Panda, Ga Ga for Gao Gao, Light Reading

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