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Strix Picks Elcoteq

In a partnership that will tangle tongues worldwide, wireless LAN startup Strix Systems Inc. has selected Swedish communications equipment manufacturer Elcoteq Network to start making its self-managing 802.11 access points in volume.

Strix first announced that it had started shipping its self-configuring wireless LAN access points in late July (see Strix Ships Box of Radio Trix). However, initial production runs appear to have been fairly limited, and a spokesperson for Strix writes in an email that the company has been using an unidentified local manufacturer to produce "start-up quantities" of the snap-together 802.11 modules.

So it looks as if Strix is gearing up for some more serious manufacturing, and it's picked Elcoteq. The production should start in late September, says the spokesman.

Unstrung could not get any more details on how much product Strix has shipped so far, or what constitutes "volume production" for the young company.

Strix's technology offers yet another take on how to make a wireless LAN network a more manageable proposition for corporate customers. The company has developed modular access points that don't require an Ethernet connection back to the wired network, as the access points pass data and management information among themselves and back to the corporate LAN over a dedicated wireless link (see Strix's Radio Trix for more on this).

Strix says that its technology makes wireless LANs quick, cheap, easy to install, and less of a headache to manage. However, some analysts say that the idea of installing an almost entirely separate self-configuring 802.11 network goes against the trend towards a merged wired and wireless infrastructure.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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