Roku Opens Up

5:30 PM -- Today on Contentinople:
  • Roku's set-top box isn't just for Netflix any more. The STB will soon open up to content developers who want to get access to the cheap-o Web-to-TV player.

  • ISP execs threaten suggest that they may have to implement tiered pricing to keep up with video streams. The real culprit is the ISPs themselves though, which have failed to accommodate the need to increase capacity.

  • The AP has ditched Microsoft for video distribution by thePlatform. Microsoft hasn't been completely abandoned, though -- it's still serving up ads.

  • ESPN.com surpasses ESPN on TV when it comes to teen users' exclusivity. The network Website's traffic spikes during the ad campaign, "Pontiac Game Changing Performance," in which users vote for their favorite play.

And in today's News Bits, Google's long-awaited G1 is available.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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