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RioLab Intros Vendor Program

OTTAWA -- RIOLAB Corporation, the world's first RapidIO Interoperability testing facility, today announced it has established a Qualified Vendor Program (QVP), designed to ensure its newly established lab utilizes the most advanced equipment to perform interoperability and specification compliance testing. RIOLAB also announced the first four qualified vendors: Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation (FET), Nexus Technology, Silicon Turnkey Express (STx), and Tektronix. RIOLAB runs a state-of-the-art independent testing facility that provides device interoperability and specification compliance reporting that meets the growing needs of silicon vendors and OEMs using the RapidIO interconnect standard.

"The Qualified Vendor Program adds value from every perspective. There is greater participation from ecosystem vendors, RIOLAB gains access to leading edge products and equipment, and customers of the lab can use and test their products in a real-life setting with state-of-the-art products that are compliant with the RapidIO specification," said Rick O'Connor, chief technology officer at Tundra Semiconductor Corporation, the company that launched RIOLAB last February.

The QVP creates a mutually beneficial partnership opportunity for RIOLAB and RapidIO ecosystem vendors. Ecosystem vendors value the opportunity to be showcased within RIOLAB, where they achieve greater visibility of the interoperability of their products and equipment. RIOLAB benefits from the breadth of RapidIO ecosystem participation and products while becoming a world-class testing facility. The QVP participants have contributed hardware or software and have demonstrated compliance to the RapidIO specification. In addition, these vendors have agreed to work with RIOLAB to provide any upgrades or new products, ensuring that the lab is always using state-of-the-art technology. Tektronix and Nexus Technology are delivering logic analyzers and bus supports, FET is providing software tools, and STx is contributing hardware.

"As a leader in the test equipment market, Tektronix plays a significant role in the development and support of the RIOLAB test infrastructure," said Mike Juliana, product marketing manager at Tektronix. "Our logic analyzers will provide the RIOLAB customers with leading edge tools they need to validate interoperability. Tektronix is pleased to play an active role in supporting the deployment of RapidIO technology."

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