Preacher Plays Prank

2:25 PM -- Ugandan police say "Uganda be kiddin' me" to a preaching stage magician. Reuters has the scoop:

    Ugandan police are holding a Ghanaian preacher over a stage magic device they fear may dupe people into believing they have experienced miracles.

That's stupid. From my experience, you should never try holding a stage magician...

    Customs officials seized the Electric Touch device -- which magicians use to give small electric shocks to volunteers -- from "Prophet" Obiri Yeboah at the airport last week, the state owned New Vision daily reported Tuesday.

Oh! A performing, magical, preaching prophet at an airport... That's definitely legit.

    "With a simple touch, make a fluorescent bulb glow on and off at your command, make confetti move, charge a spoon and watch as it shocks a volunteer!" says one online magic shop selling the device.

Hmm... Shocking show or serious scandal? Herman Owomugisha believes the latter:

    "People could be duped to think it is a miracle," the New Vision quoted Civil Aviation Authority security chief Herman Owomugisha as saying.

Yes, the miracle of mobile confetti. There truly is a God!

I bet he can also make coins disappear.

— Red Panda, Son of a Preacher Man, Light Reading

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