Operation Desert Charity

12:45 PM -- The Guardian delineates the limits of Compassionate Conservatism:

    An extraordinary appeal to Americans from the Bush administration for money to help pay for the reconstruction of Iraq has raised only $600 (£337)...

    More than $30 billion has been appropriated for the reconstruction. Initially, America's overseas aid agency, USaid, expected it to cost taxpayers no more than $1.7bn, but it is now asking the public if they want to contribute even more.

    It is understood to be the first time that a US government has made an appeal to taxpayers for foreign aid money...

    USaid's Heather Layman denied it was disappointed with the meagre sum raised after a fortnight. 'Every little helps,' she said.
Gosh! I'd love to help, but I gave at the IRS.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

Mad Ludwig 12/5/2012 | 3:00:13 AM
re: Operation Desert Charity i'd never heard of this "extraordinary appeal"... maybe PR is part of their problem here.

that, and the fact that no one gives a good goddamn about the mission of USaid in Iraq.

anyway, i wonder what they'll spend that $600 on? some Bremer-style desert boots for Zalmay Khalilzad?
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