Monkey Family Grows

10:45 AM -- More monkeys!
    A previously unknown monkey species has been found in the mountains of southern Tanzania...

    The highland mangabey (Lophocebus kipinji) is brown with a distinctive soft "honk-bark" call. It lives as high as 8,000ft (2,450m) above sea level and has long fur to withstand the cold.
So honk-barks the BBC. One of the discoverers is a Dr. Butynski, clearly a fellow who could never mind his own bidness.

But check this out:

    The other research group, led by Tim Davenport of the New-York-based Wildlife Conservation Society, had been searching the area for many months after hunters spoke of seeing a strange animal known locally as the Kipunji. They finally spotted the monkey last year. [emphasis added]
So: known locally... In other words, my furry cousin has just been discovered by white guys with Nikons and pocket protectors.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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