Verizon's Home-Grown 5G Arrives Today

Verizon will launch its home-brewed fixed-wireless 5G service in four markets in the US Monday.

The service, called Verizon 5G Home, will launch in "limited areas" of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento on October 1. Verizon is promising "typical speeds" of 300 Mbit/s, and peaks of 940 Mbit/s, for its wireless broadband service, which will compete with cable broadband offers. (See Verizon to Launch Fixed 5G Service on Oct. 1.)

The price will be $50 a month for existing Verizon Wireless subscribers, or $70 a month for new users.

Verizon is currently using its own 5GTF 5G specification for the fixed service. A software update will allow the operator to move to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) 5G New Radio mobile standard early in 2019. (See Verizon Confirms Mobile 5G in 'Early' 2019 and Verizon Migrating From Homebrew 5G, Enlists Qualcomm for Trials.)

Light Reading first reported that Verizon would use spectrum in the 28GHz band to deliver 5G residential broadband back in 2015. (See 5G: Verizon's New Home Invasion?)

The 5G connection is intended to deliver a fast wireless broadband connection, as well as supporting multiple connections in the home, via millimeter wave. Verizon intends to launch the service in these four markets this year, and up to 50 additional markets in 2019. (See Verizon Reveals Third 5G City, as Revenue Climbs 5.4% in Q2.)

Verizon rival AT&T says it will launch a mobile 5G service in parts of 12 markets before the end of 2018. (See 5G in the USA: A Post-MWCA Update.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

wanlord 10/1/2018 | 1:32:27 PM
Re: Nice touch w/video...but true reach is a question mark. I also think that maybe...just maybe, they have finally recongized they have no business being in the content business with all the past failures (Multi Screen Video, RedBox Venture, Go90, etc.). Maybe now they can focus on being the dumb fat pipe we want! What will be interesting is customers finding out that the media devices they provide are throttled by their Net Neutrality restrictions. 


Jeff Baumgartner 10/1/2018 | 11:14:05 AM
Nice touch w/video...but true reach is a question mark. Verizon's decision to bundle in an Apple TV or Google Chromecast and three months of YouTube TV is a nice touch as it adds a pay-TV component to the offer, and they are being smart not to hit 5G Home with the kind of data limits they place on their mobile service.

Though 5G Home could bring some new competition to cable broadband, some of the cable folks I've talked to about this aren't dismissing that competition, but are also quick to point out the limitations of mmWave and just how sizable of an area Verizon will be able to reach with this service.

To me, the reach is the big unknown here early on. Though Verizon gives you a way to check if an address is eligible for the service, it's also a bit telling that the FAQ mentions that "at this time, we do not have a coverage map to share." Will have to see if that changes as VZ starts to expand on the rollout in the initial market and deploys the service into others. JB
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