Microsoft's Closed Push?

5:00 PM -- Here's an interesting twist on the Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) direct push security story I wrote yesterday. (See Microsoft's Push Security Problems.) I've been speaking to another vendor that both competes against and works with Microsoft's software in the mobile field and they suggest that part of the issue is that Redmond won't open up its APIs (code links) so that third-party vendors can write to its formats.

Now, I'm not big on Microsoft conspiracy theories, but it does seem that this could be part of a larger, behavioral pattern on Redmond's part. If you click on over to our sister security site Dark Reading you'll see that security vendors have been complaining for a while about getting limited access to the security kernel of Microsoft's new Vista desktop OS. (See Symantec Spurns Microsoft’s Vista Security Proposal and Microsoft's Vista Changes Could Backfire on Disgruntled Rivals.) In fact, Microsoft eventually agreed to open up the kernel just a little earlier this month. (See Microsoft Opening Up Vista Kernel to Security Vendors.)

Now it appears that something similar could be happening on the mobile side of the house. If so, I have to say it's probably not the greatest idea ever. In fact, it may just encourage mobile users to stick with what they know, which would be the BlackBerry email server.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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