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6:30 PM -- We've mentioned before how the shadow of Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV) past and present seems to lurk behind many mobile content ventures. (See Phome.com Lives!)

Well, here comes that Redwood City shadow again. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has announced plans to buy Musiwave, a Parisian "Openwave company" that supplies mobile music services to operators and media companies. Microsoft intends to use the company to improve its Zune music player offering, among other things. (See Microsoft to Buy Musiwave.)

It is not so surprising that Openwave (formerly Phone.com) is a big part of the future of mobile content, even if it is ex-employees who may make the most it. The company has been a name in the WAP phone browser and software business for years. Some were even calling the company the "new Microsoft" back before the bubble burst in 2001. (See Openwave: Wave of the Future or Wipeout?) [Ed note: It's alright, you can pause for breath and start reading anew if you're laughing too hard.]

Ironic then that this second mobile Internet bubble is proving to be as hyped and potentially ripe for disappointment as the first go-round. Nowadays, people don't talk so much about the wireless Web, but they will happily bend your ear about creating the "mobile YouTube" -- whatever that turns out to be -- for as long as possible.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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