MetroPhotonics Discloses Product Plans

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- MetroPhotonics Inc., an emerging player in the high-capacity optical component market for metropolitan networks, today announced the company's first engineering prototype fiber-in-fiber-out family of WDM multiplexer/demultiplexers, which will be available in the fall of 2001.

"When you look at one of the next major breakthroughs expected in fiber optic technology, the common sentiment is that the winners are the ones that are working in planar waveguide technology," said John-Peter Bradford, President and CEO of MetroPhotonics. "With the kind of expertise on our scientific team, MetroPhotonics has developed the material science and product set to be the next major player."

MetroPhotonics will be showcasing BMX and BMX-C, part of the fiber-in-fiber-out product family, at OFC 2001, March 19-21. The product demonstrates the company's innovative echelle grating architecture. BMX - a Bi-Directional Mux/Demux - simultaneously delivers full on-chip multiplexing and demultiplexing functionality - Mux/Mux, Demux/Demux or Mux/Demux operations. This product will offer customers smaller footprint devices, which can be incorporated directly onto the network line cards.

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