LRTV FAQ, Part II: Revenge of the Pith

NOON -- As promised, here are more questions and answers about LRTV and our Supercomm coverage:

Can I play LRTV content at my booth during Supercomm?
You bet. We're making it simple for you to run it on your booth (with or without an Internet connection) or your Website, to draw in show traffic and impress visitors with your LRTV coverage.

If a high-speed Internet connection is available, video files can be streamed directly from our media server. Here are links to use during the show for streaming LRTV video:

These links connect to a loop of content that we constantly update. Just type the address into your Web browser, hit enter, and you're up and running.

What if I don't have an Internet connection at my booth?
If no high-speed connection is available in your booth, or you encounter problems with the streaming video that can’t be resolved, we will provide you with a CD-ROM containing the video files. Updated versions of the CD will be available for pickup at the Light Reading booth (#20054) during the show.

And what is this going to cost my company?
Nothing. Nada. Zip. LRTV's Supercomm coverage is an editorial service.

What if I need more detailed technical information about getting LRTV content during the show?
Drop a line to [email protected] and we'll respond. There's no such thing as a dumb question.

Considering you deal with publicists all day, isn't that a pretty rash claim?
That's a dumb question.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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