Let's Make a Deal

5:20 PM -- Today on Contentinople:

  • Two oddball deals hit the news this morning: CBS/CNET and Comcast/Plaxo, Scott Raynovich reports. Though the first one seems like an awkward combination ("Will they start talking about the best 1080p flat panels and MP3 player features on Two and a Half Men?"), it could work out. Rayno can't say quite as much for the Comcast/Plaxo deal.

  • An Accenture study reveals that most content owners are struggling with digital transition, with the majority of companies surveyed reporting that they are less than 40 percent along the way in their business transformation to an integrated digital file-based enterprise.

  • After Wallstrip and MobLogic.tv creators Adam Elend and Jeff Marks were bought out by CBS, life became... well, the same. However, there are some differences in how content is made for the Web versus how it's made for TV, the two say. Namely: "When you go to Hollywood, they expect that you'll need $1 million to make a show. When you go to Silicon Valley, they think you only need $5 to make it," Marks says.

  • Accenture is getting into the video production business, after it agreed on Monday to acquire Origin Digital.

In today's News Bits: CBS strikes a deal with EQAL Inc., the production house behind lonelygirl15 and KateModern; Turner Networks will offer contextual ad buys via TVinContext; and negotiations between Hollywood studios and the Screen Actors Guild have hit a snag. — The Staff, Contentinople

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