Iphotonics Enhances Splicing Method

GLEN BURNIE, Md. -- With the addition of Fujikura's latest factory specialty splicer units, Iphotonics has further enhanced the scope and sophistication of its specialized portfolio of optical assembly and manufacturing services. These units feature an expanded range of programmed arc parameters. And, according to Iphotonics sales engineer Jennet Johnson, it is the company's specialized training and extensive involvement with the equipment which enables Iphotonics to optimize these parameters, thus achieving the lowest possible splice losses across a wide variety of fiber combinations.

In addition to accommodating a wider array of fiber combination specifications, the Fujikura equipment delivers two other interrelated benefits. By virtue of their ability during splicing operations to clamp on to either the 250 um UV acrylate coating or the 900 um buffer coating, the system achieves high strength splices within dramatically shortened cleave lengths. "We are able to achieve extraordinarily short cleave lengths," says Johnson, "with obvious advantages in minimizing the amount of exposed cladding while enhancing the integrity of the splice."

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