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iPhone Battery Question

6:00 PM -- I'm pretty certain that the upcoming Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone will be the elephant in the corner at next week's CTIA show, just as it was at the Consumer Electronics Show and 3GSM.

There's no sign of public interest in the iconic device dying down yet. Just this week someone claimed they had six to sell and auctioned one off on Ebay for a winning bid of $1,125. Never mind that Cingular Wireless (just can't get used to calling them AT&T yet) isn't offering the gadgets to the public 'til June.

All the same, the launch date is getting close enough that we can stop treating the iPhone as an obscure object of desire and start asking the questions that matter. I think the key one will be how much battery-life the Apple has.

With a large screen and a serious operating system onboard, I don't think anybody can expect it it to have the power consumption characteristics of something like a RAZR. The question will be, however, is it more like a cellphone or similar to a laptop?

Battery life can be a real problem with some smarter phones. I recall that early versions of the Danger Inc. HipTop thingy would just about make it through a day if you remembered to plug it in at night.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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