Honorable Mentions: Dec. 12

5:40 AM -- Matt's Mentions is a free daily telecom newsletter compiled by Matt Donnelly, managing editor at Pyramid Research. To subscribe, click here. Follow Matt on Twitter @PyramidMatt.

The following are the most widely read stories linked from Matt's Mentions for the week ending Dec. 9, 2011:

  1. Twelve 2012 Predictions for the Telecom Industry
  2. Free for All? Why Mobile Operators Fear the End of Phone Calls 
  3. The Mobile Web in Numbers
  4. The New Digital Divide
  5. World's 20 Largest Mobile Operators
  6. Telecoms 'Must Focus on Doing What They Do Best'
  7. What Is the Cost of VoLTE? Is It a Huge Strategic Error for the Mobile Industry?
  8. Will RIM Make It to 2013?
  9. Podcast: The Future of Technology
  10. Understanding Apple's Endgame 

— Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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