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Hirings & Unwirings

The enterprise wireless job market is as fluid as ever, and each week Unstrung receives information -- some official, some not so -- about who's getting the golden handshake and who's getting the lead boot.

So we're launching a new regular feature detailing the movers and the shaken in the industry. We're calling it "Hirings and Unwirings." [Ed note: At least until we think of a better title.]

Here's a quick sampling of what's going on this week in wireless land:

AirMagnet Loses Grip: Rich Mironov, VP of marketing at wireless LAN security startup AirMagnet Inc. is no longer with the firm. Several sources alerted Unstrung to the well-liked Mironov's departure and AirMagnet confirmed that he had left, without specifying the reasons for his exit.

Former Inet Technologies sales guy Greg Yates is the new VP of sales and marketing at the firm.

"We're growing fast... we needed some new talent," an AirMagnet spokeswoman says.

AutoCell's Wild Ride: Things are definitely afoot at RF management software startup AutoCell Laboratories Inc. As Unstrung reported earlier this month, the firm is busy reorganizing, but it denies persistent rumors that it is closing down. (See AutoCell Recalibrates .) Patrick Rafter, VP of marketing at AutoCell, confirmed via an email that he has left the company but didn't offer any real insight into what is going on.

"I continue to be involved and in support of AutoCell's activities," he says.

Venturi Speeds Up: Mobile broadband optimization startup Venturi Wireless has a new CEO in the form of Bret Sewell. Readers may remember Sewell as the president of SnapTrack, a company that developed location-based services for a number of cellular carriers, and that eventually sold to Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) for a cool billion dollars back in 2000.

Sewell says that his aim is to "build a business" with Venturi, which offers boxes that speed up radio performance for both carrier and enterprise customers.

That's just a sampling of what's going on out there. There's plenty more rumor and gossip on the grapevine. Send your tips to: [email protected].

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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