G'day... Forever

11:00 AM -- Everyone's favorite furry friend, Sugar Bush Squirrel, pays tribute to the sudden, tragic death of Steve Irwin, better known to fans as The Crocodile Hunter:

    The segment he was shooting was called 'Ocean's Deadliest' which proved to be true as he swam too close on top of a stingray and the barb on the stingray's tail entered his ribcage and pierced his heart. He leaves behind his beautiful wife, Terri, and two children, Bindi Sue 8 and Bob who will be 3 in December.

This is truly a loss for Irwin's fans, but it is especially traumatic for animals such as Sugar Bush who benefited from Irwin's conservationism and love for wildlife. It is with deep solace that we bow our heads and say a final "G'day" to The Crocodile Hunter, as he is now, literally, down under.

— Red Panda, Sweet for Sugar Bush, Light Reading

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