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Fulcrum Scores ATCA Win

CALABASAS, Calif. -– Fulcrum Microsystems today announced more success with AdvancedTCA (ATCA) system designs with the selection of its PivotPoint FM1020 as the interconnect switch for GDA Technologies Inc.’s ATCA-G2800 dual-processor network access system.

GDA, a fast-growing supplier of silicon intellectual property and electronic design services, chose the FM1020, a three-port SPI-4.2 crossbar switch chip, to give the ATCA-G2800 the flexibility to utilize one network processor (NPU) or two depending upon a customer’s application. Without the capabilities of a switched interconnect, GDA would have needed to manufacture separate single-processor and dual-processor boards to offer this flexibility.

“The ATCA standard epitomizes the next-generation of network equipment because it is designed for high speed, complex data flows, and configuration flexibility – thus, it makes a great showcase for PivotPoint’s ability to transparently enable configurable data paths, and manage board-level modularity,” said Mike Zeile, Fulcrum Microsystems’ vice president of marketing. “GDA’s design is a great example of what an innovative company can do with this standard.”

“GDA is rapidly becoming the development partner of choice for a wide range of OEMs due to the advanced technology and performance we can deliver in products like the ATCA-G2800,” said Gopa Periyadan, Vice President & GM of System & Software Business Unit at GDA Technologies. “We value the flexibility that PivotPoint provides our products because it allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.”

Fulcrum Microsystems Inc.

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