Flash Exposes Itself... to Search

5:00 PM -- On this glorious first day of the hottest seventh month of 2008, stop by Contentinople, for some content commentary.

  • The Akamai-Limelight case may be a step closer to resolution. Then again, maybe not. The court denied Akamai's motion for a permanent injunction (as of now) and denied Limelight's motion for a new trial.

  • Adobe opens up and makes its content searchable, but only in Google and Yahoo. Unsurprisingly, Yahoo's not quite ready to put this info to use, Google has an algorithm already lined up, and Microsoft gets left out.

  • Critics turn the heat up on NBC in response to the network's decision to have live online coverage only of events that will not be shown on TV. But will people really be watching live coverage of events in Beijing? There's a 13-hour time difference!

  • IPTV's future looks uncertain. With the announcement today of Kasenna's acquisition for a measly $6.5 million in stock, barely more than 10 percent of its VC-backed investment. Ouch.

And in today's News Bits, VH1 gets in on Facebook's SuperPoking action, Or Die bows Pwn or Die, and new site Slantly puts numbers behind e-pinions.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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