Facebook Defaces France

5:10 PM -- In the midst of releasing a slew of successful third-party applications and nearing a potential Microsoft bid, Facebook, the wildly popular social networking site, has finally done something really noteworthy. It has embarrassed the French government:

    French government ministers faced embarrassment yesterday from their own children whose entries on Facebook, were aired to the public.

    French prime minister, François Fillon will be interested know that his son, Antoine, 22, is a member of several “high-brow” chat groups.

    One, entitled “I am too proud of my poo,” boasts 93 members who spend entire nights digressing about the “16 different types of turd.”

Dammit. I've only reached 14. Must be the crepes.

    Antoine Fillon, an economics student whose mother Penny is Welsh, is also part of the “legless friendship circle,” which includes 650 fellow binge drinkers...

    Nicolas Barnier, 22, the son of the environment minister, Michel sports a photo of himself in an apron with an erotic drawing on it. In another he appears in shades holding a hunting rifle, with the slogan: “I’m left-handed and I aim very well.”

Sounds similar to Dick Cheney's page.

— Red(faced) Panda, Light Reading

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