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1:45 PM -- More and more people prefer their Web to Life Itself, according to Reuters:

    Surfing the net has become an obsession for many Americans with the majority of U.S. adults feeling they cannot go for a week without going online and one in three giving up friends and sex for the Web.

    A survey asked 1,011 American adults how long they would feel OK without going on the Web, to which 15 percent said a just a day or less, 21 percent said a couple of days and another 19 percent said a few days.

    Only a fifth of those who took part in an online survey conducted by advertising agency JWT between Sept 7 and 11 said they could go for a week.

    "People told us how anxious, isolated and bored they felt when they are forced off line," said Ann Mack, director of trend spotting at JWT, which conducted the survey to see how technology was changing people's behavior.

    "They felt disconnected from the world, from their friends and family," she told Reuters...
Really? But, but, but...

    More than a quarter of respondents -- or 28 percent -- admitted spending less time socializing face-to-face with peers because of the amount of time they spend online.

    It also found that 20 percent said they spend less time having sex because they are online...
Eighty percent are able to combine the two activities.

    JWT, whose parent company is WPP, has come up with a new advertising category for people whose lives are so tied up with new technology.

    "We are calling them 'digitivity denizens,' those who see their cell phones as an extension of themselves, whose online and offline lives are co-mingled and who would chose a Wi-Fi connection over TV any day," said Mack. "This is how they communicate, entertain and live."
"Digitivity Denizens." Real catchy. And much better than "Crazed Loners."

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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