Digeo & Integra5 Team on Voice Services

Digeo Inc. and Integra5 have joined forces to bring advanced telephony and messaging services to the TV screen for cable subscribers. Digeo and Integra5 announced late last week that they have completed interoperability testing between Digeo's Moxi Media Center and Integra5's UniTV converged services platform, enabling the two companies to offer more voice and messaging features. Digeo officials say such interoperability with UniTV will allow them to deploy Moxi Telephone, an on-screen TV interface to such popular features as caller ID, on a much wider scale than before. They say cable operators will now be able to provide Moxi Telephone over both traditional and voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks, enabling them to put together more attractive bundles and boost average revenue per customer. In both circuit-switched and hybrid voice networks, UniTV can take call signaling and control information and send the data to the Moxi Media Center, which then displays caller ID and message information on the subscriber's TV set.
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