Bullets & Points

9:45 AM -- Some early a.m. required reading:

  • High-flying mobile video startup kyte got another funding round. I've said before, the kyte service is seriously cool but, man, talk about a company that can't get North American telco respect. Kyte CEO Daniel Graf was a finalist for our 2007 Person of the Year and he got all of three votes.

  • Engadget's message boards are so much cooler than ours. Contentinople's and IE's are, too, for that matter.

  • As only they can, The New York Times reports that people in Silicon Valley tend to have no life outside of work: "Even weekend sports, it seems, become the basis for informal business clusters in the Valley."

    I wonder: Do The Times and NPR have some kind of pact with the Devil to attempt to make everyone in Silicon Valley seem novel and interesting? Why are they always pondering the social complexities of engineers? They're engineers, for gosh sakes! That's why they act the way they do. Yes, they wear gimme caps, eat Bugles, drink Jolt, smell like markers, and they play weekend co-ed softball with other engineers (mostly guys). Get over it!

  • The FTTH project iProvo is losing customers and hiring consultants to figure out what's going wrong. Qwest is probably thinking, "iToldyasoProvo."
-- Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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