Bullets & Points

12:30 PM -- Or must-read afternoon seeing. Whatever your preference:

  • TorrentFreak says BitTorrent is a kingmaker in the world of independent films. Consumers find the good stuff, and fame and fortune follow. For the film makers, not the consumers, that is.

  • The Reg's O2 story offers a nice analysis of why telcos getting into IPTV is essentially a waste of time: "The thing is, once they've all got similar services, all offering similar content, (same PVR, same Setanta football, same HBO series, same after-Sky movies) we'll be back where we started -- giant companies competing fiercely for the same small pool of switchers, each squeezing their customer service budget for existing customers."

  • Remember back when JDSU bought a company that said it could deliver electrical power over optical fiber? Me neither. But it did buy such a firm, and now Slashdot is linking to the details and stirring up a hornet's nest. Why? I dunno. Some damn thing about measuring jet fuel, but the whole hairball thread did make me wonder: Exactly how close did JDSU ever come to being able to power a home, building, or bit of outside plant gear using nothing but optical fiber?

— Phil Harvey, Barely Managing Editor, Light Reading

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