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Bug Repellent Cellphone?

Red Panda
Red Panda
Red Panda

2:45 PM -- Good news! Your cellphone may finally serve a purpose:

    Mosquito population in China quickly multiplies during autumn and a Chinese Web site trying to cash in on the problem, is offering Chinese consumers a special mobile phone software that claims to repel mosquitoes. The software, available on download over the Internet, claims to release mosquito repellent waves.

That is, if your obnoxiously loud cellphone voice does not already suffice as a repellant of all things living.

    Over 1,000 Internet users downloaded the free software and answered the survey online attached to the file. But most of them said the software is not effective in repelling mosquitoes and claimed they have suffered severe headaches the morning after...

    Xu Renquan from the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that they have done similar experiments but the outcome was not successful. He adds that there are different mosquito types in different regions, saying that it would be effective to other region and might not be effective to some.

Sigh. Just when we thought we had all the answers...

— Red "Repellent" Panda, Light Reading

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12/5/2012 | 3:03:23 PM
re: Bug Repellent Cellphone?
That reminds me of ancient DIY projects to repel the little buggers.

Allegedly, when male mosquitoes are trying to mate, they emit high-pitched tone (around 20 kHz, if my memory serves me) to attract female mosquitoes. On the other hand, when female mosquitoes are out for food (that is, your blood), they avoid lusty males trying to mate. So... simply transmitting that high-pitched tone should suffice to keep hungry females away. Which is rarely true, unfortunately.

But that same tone can be extremely annoying to some mammals. NEVER use such a "repellent" while walking your dog, if you care for it.
12/5/2012 | 3:03:20 PM
re: Bug Repellent Cellphone?
But that same tone can be extremely annoying to some mammals. NEVER use such a "repellent" while walking your dog, if you care for it.

So clearly the marketing of the software is mis-targeted. It should be marketed as a dog repellent. Now if they could only figure out a frequency that annoys religious zealots...
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