Bird Calls

11:40 AM -- Birds may routinely flock to telephone wires to rest, but it will soon be cellular providers like T-Mobile USA that actually know where our feathered friends are.

Wired reports that those pesky scientist-types have developed a way of tracking rare and endangered types of birds via a carrier's network of cell-towers.

The rare birds will be strapped into a wireless harness that, as far as I can tell, will basically make them into little flying cellphones. In a effort to save ever-precious battery life, the scientists will only switch the cellphone apparatus on when they think the birds are near wireless towers. Can anyone else see the potential for difficulty with this part of the plan?

Still, an exciting new development in the world of wireless. For now, only a select band of birds will get unstrung. But who can say that in ten years time a cellphone won't be the must-have accessory for the dandy bird-about-town? — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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