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NEW YORK — Light Reading has moved into the post-BobbyMax era.

BobbyMax, curmudgeonly author of more than 1,170 messages on Light Reading's boards since May 2002, has been "deactivated" for violating the site's Terms of Use.

Stunned, grief-stricken Message Monkeys are left asking: “Why?”

Here’s just a portion of what led to BobbyMax's banishment from the boards (parental guidance suggested):

    You have stolen money from the donation boxes installed in many churches. You have no conscience. You have starved many people to death.Please stop killings and atone for you sins.

    You are a damn bastard and the most stupid person on this earth. You have survived because of the generousity of Americans. You have fooled us all. You did number on us.

    You are a sick person and mentally disabled person. You dumb salesman should have no contact with me.

    For writing something stupid and knocking at doors to sell cookies. My posts are not wrtten for a low level person like you. I think you have sh*t in your mouth and the country suffers because of people like you.

    You are damn dirty man with no literacy and class.
It seems that someone struck a nerve, and our Bobby, tragically, crumbled in his anguish. Always weird, yet ever provocative (see Searching for BobbyMax), his unique contributions to the art of English syntax left his legion of devotees with mouths continually agape. We here at Light Reading mourn the overthrow of this once great mind.

Donations may be sent to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute.

”You have no interest in our heritage who is sell the dignity of our great attention.” – BobbyMax

— Larry, Monkey, Light Reading

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