Avici Battles Weight Problem

Avici Systems Inc. http://www.avici.com is giving new meaning to the term "heavy-weight router." Its TSR device is so dense that the vendor is taking steps to prevent it damaging the floor in central offices with raised floors. Fully loaded, the TSR weighs in at 1,200 pounds.

Avici is making light of the issue. "It has not been an issue to the extent that it has cost us any business,” says Pete Chadwick, Avici’s vice-president of product marketing. Avici has developed a solution to the problem: a “pedestal” that sits underneath its product.

Chadwick says that Avici isn’t the only router vendor that needs to fight the fat. “Other router vendors have the same issue and our customers have told us that we don’t actually have the heaviest box," he says.

Weight issues are one more in a series of snafus that have afflicted terabit products of late. It recently emerged that some terabit products do not meet Bell Core standards for power-consumption and heat-generation (see Terabit Turmoil ). So far the issue appears to have generated little concern amongst service providers. That could be a mistake. A few years ago one of Ascend’s TNT line of switches acquired a reputation for busting into flames in COs and POPs.

-- Stephen Saunders, US Editor, Light Reading http://www.lightreading.com
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