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Tundra Announces Tsi574

OTTAWA -- Tundra Semiconductor Corporation (TSX:TUN), the leader in System Interconnect, today announced the Tundra Tsi574 Serial RapidIO Switch, a high-performance switch with patent-pending technology that delivers the performance, power and configurability designers of embedded designs need to build reliable, high-performance RapidIO-based systems for a wide range of applications such as wireless base stations, media gateways, video infrastructure and DSP-intensive image processing.

The Tundra Tsi574 features:

  • Link flexibility through mixed port widths and speeds
  • Hardware multicast for improved distributed processing performance
  • Supervised traffic flow for increased performance and fabric management
  • Enhanced SerDes for the lowest power solution
  • Low noise core, flip-chip packaging, adjustable drive current, adjustable pre-emphasis and receive equalization per lane contribute to high signal integrity

"The launch of the Tsi574 expands our portfolio of switches to include an optimal offering for DSP aggregation on line cards," said Rick O'Connor, chief technology officer at Tundra. "As we execute our RapidIO System Interconnect strategy, we will continue to add to the current portfolio to address the full spectrum of features our customers and partners need to design successful RapidIO-based systems."

Tundra Semiconductor Corp. (Toronto: TUN)

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