AT&T Stomps Into CDNs

4:15 PM -- Content delivery networks (CDNs) take center page on Contentinople today:

  • Think a $70 million commitment will be enough for AT&T to make a successful go at entering the already crowded CDN industry? The telco certainly thinks so, banking on its already developed infrastructure and stable of complementary services.

  • PermissionTV expands its reach from video platform provision to giving users the tools to make their videos more interactive. Better still, the company doesn't use a proprietary video player. What's next -- open source?

And for News Bits, where we round up the most interesting content-related news online, we peek at JC Penney's controversial non-ad, ponder Google's definition of "obscene," and speculate on the nature of the search-dominator's new AdPlanner.

— The Staff, Contentinople

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