Ancient Fruit

4:05 PM -- The AP reports on a slow day in archaeology:

    Archaeologists digging in western Japan have excavated what they believe to be the oldest remains of a melon ever found, an official said Friday.

(Insert Tammy Faye joke here.)

    Based on a radiocarbon analysis, researchers estimate the half-rounded piece of fruit to be about 2,100 years old, said Shuji Yamazaki, a local official in the city of Moriyama.

Wait! Don't fall asleep yet. Here comes the important part...

    The remains are believed to be the oldest of a melon that still has flesh on the rind, Yamazaki said. Previously, the oldest such find was believed to be remains found in China that date back to the fourth century A.D., according to local media reports.

What a paradox... We've all this wasted melon, and there are people going hungry on the streets. Anyway... who's in the mood for sorbet? — Red "Hey, that's my dinner!" Panda, Light Reading

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