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Amino Wins Hotel Deal

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. -- Amino (LSE:AMO), leading IPTV platform supplier, today announced that On Command Video Corporation has commercially deployed the AmiNET series to provide the latest in-room interactive entertainment and guest service systems to hospitality customers around the world. The AmiNET range of set-top boxes ensures pre-tested interoperability with major system components, facilitating rapid deployment essential for the hospitality industry. In these deployments On Command has used Amino products to create a customised, cost effective solution that enables them to optimise their existing deployments whilst still utilising the hotels' coaxial cabling.

On Command provides in-room entertainment and guest information services to more than 800 thousand hotel rooms worldwide. The deployment through On Command allows guests to order pay-per-view movies as well as enjoying broadcast channels, on-demand games, and information services through the television set enhancing the guests viewing experience while providing a potential increase in revenue for hotel partners.

"Amino is an established leader in the IPTV set-top box market and they have delivered reliable, high-performance set-top boxes to On Command," said Christopher Altomari, vice president of manufacturing for On Command.

"The potential for IPTV in the hospitality sector is only starting to be truly appreciated," commented Roy Kirsopp, Vice President & General Manager, Amino. "Using IP networks or basement centred distribution, hotels can provide interactive information services, premium gaming or video content on-demand with billing and access to content easily controlled from a central point. In order to tap the potential additional revenues offered by premium services, hotels must ensure that their offering is attractive to end users and easy to use. Amino has worked hard to ensure that its products are easily integrated into any system, are powerful enough to handle all applications and offer a simple interface to the customer to ensure maximum value to all parties."

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