Afghans Bhan Smoking

9:30 AM -- Scotsman.com carries good news from the nation of War-Torn-Afghanistan (© CNN), where bitter enemies are coming together around the burning issue of our day:

    AFGHANISTAN may be the world's largest producer of heroin, but the government's latest health initiative is to ban smoking in public places.

    Local media reported yesterday that the country's council of ministers had ordered a campaign through the media and mosques to inform the public that smoking in educational institutions, hospitals and government offices has been outlawed.
Smoking corpses, it seems, are still OK.

    The ban will be widened later to cover hotels and restaurants.

    The reports did not say how the government would monitor the ban or what penalties there might be for violators...
Cutting their lips off might do it. New York's Bloomberg administration is monitoring the situation closely.

    A set of rules released by the Taleban movement late last year also outlawed smoking by their fighters.

    The smoking habit is commonly disliked by many groups within radical Islam.
Well, of course. A cigarette might prematurely ignite that bomb belt.

    The war-torn country produces more than 90 per cent of the world's heroin.
True, but heroin is virtually free of trans-fats.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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