A Vonage Emergency

6:15 PM – The Texas Attorney General is suing Vonage because the VOIP provider advertises that it is a replacement for phone service – but allegedly it's nothing of the sort, when one considers how the provider handles 911 calls.

Here's a snippet from the TAG's complaint:

Moreover, contrary to Defendant's [Vonage's] marketing of its service as a replacement to traditional telephone service, the terms of service claim that Defendant's service is "not a telephone service" and suggest that a consumer should maintain alternative means to access 9-1-1.

In essence, Defendant's disclosures (to the extent that they exist now) miss the mark and fail to disclose to consumers the most important message - if they replace their telephone with Defendant's VoIP service, there exists the very real possibility that in an emergency situation they will be unable to quickly and adequately reach emergency personnel as they would if they had kept their traditional telephone service.

Tomorrow, we'll have Vonage's response along with an interview with Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron, who says that the uncertain regulatory environment – and regulatory pressure from the states – could kill VOIP.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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