A Home for Hounds

3:10 PM -- The Associated Press reports on a nursing home that treats its patients like animals (not that that's out of the ordinary):

    Japan will get its first nursing home for dogs with round-the-clock monitoring by doctors and a team of puppies to help aging pooches feel younger, a pet products company said Wednesday.

Puppies helping puppies. It's a beautiful life after all.

    Owners pay 98,000 yen ($800) a month to keep their dogs at the Soladi Care Home for pets, which opens Friday, according to a joint release by Soladi Co. and the Endo Veterinary clinic in Tochigi, eastern Japan.

$800 per month? Woof, what a bargain!

    Analysts say that a boom in pet ownership in Japan, coupled with better health care and a more balanced diet, has led to a surge in elderly pets in Japan.

Well that's great news. There's nothing better than having an elderly, useless, expensive pet that you have to travel to see.

— Red "What About Pandas?" Panda, Light Reading

t.bogataj 12/5/2012 | 3:06:55 PM
re: A Home for Hounds "A dog is not for birthday - a dog is for life."

Does anybody out there remember this?

The idea of such "nursing homes" is utterly pervert. Those monthly 800$ are no more but vain comfort for irresponsible owners -- put the dog away when it can no longer amuse you, and believe you did something "good"? Sure, it must be good, if it costs so much. --?

If one is not willing, prepared, and responsible enough to take care about a pet (ar any animal) throughout its lifetime, he should not consider having one at all.

Dogs are social creatures, and should be treated as such.

And some people should stay with e-pets.
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