Wireless Pedal Pushers

So, you've been inspired by the cycling shenanigans of the Tour de France, but the idea of leaving your darkened room lit only with the comforting glow of your computer screen fills you with horror?

Well, never fear, bicycle-powered wireless LAN networking is here.

Yep, a post on Slashdot, details the Heath Robinson-like construction of a prototype cycle-powered wireless networking system.

However, while provoking visions of system admins at cash-strapped wireless startups pedaling furiously all day to keep their networks running, there is a serious point behind the pedal-pushing.

The system has been put together by the Jhai Foundation in an effort to build what it calls a PC for the Rest of the World. The foundation is attempting to develop a simple computing and communications system that can be used by villages in Laos that don't have electricity to stay in touch. Should save them a lot of hollering.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
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