Who's Hot in Europe?

Do you know someone in the service provider sector who is making a positive personal impact on the European wireless market? (See Europe Is Calling.) If so, let us know who that is so we can give the mobile market something to cheer about when the "Top 10 European Service Provider Innovators" (aka "EuroHeroes") are announced at the Lightspeed Europe 02 conference and exhibition (Earls Court, London, December 3-5). We are looking for the folk who stand out as inspirational figures in the service provider sector -- those who have broken new ground or advanced the market with ideas, strategies, and actions. When Unstrung's parent, Light Reading, announced the Top 10 Service Provider Innovators for its Service Provider Circle, only one European, Mauro Sentinelli of Telecom Italia Mobile SpA (Milan: TIM), made the grade. There are plenty more characters in the wireless world who can challenge their fixed-line compatriots for a place in Europe's Telecom Services Hall of Fame, and you can help us identify those people. All you have to do is use the message board at the foot of this article and tell us what you think. And make Europe proud! (Those who are shy of public fora may submit nominations more discreetly via: [email protected].)

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
lrmobile_amanda 12/4/2012 | 9:17:27 PM
re: Who's Hot in Europe? I'd like to nominate James Pearce VP Technology, Argogroup for the 'Who's hot in Europe' awards. James founded WAPtastic in 1999 followed by AnywhereYouGo in 2000. He has extensive expertise in the wireless field and is the driving force behind Monitor Master, the industry's leading quality management solution for wireless data services. James started building the solution in VB, but it has now moved over to C++. Leading Operators (Swisscom, Orange UK, Vodafone UK) across Europe are using Monitor Master to ensure their end-users receive the best possible quality of service.
spc_rayella 12/4/2012 | 9:17:26 PM
re: Who's Hot in Europe? Great! Someone has kicked off the nomination process, so thanks Amanda - but there must be more!!

Come on, people, let's hear it for your favorite services innovator!!

Unstrung Ray
IPobserver 12/4/2012 | 9:17:25 PM
re: Who's Hot in Europe? How about Valerio Zingarelli, Network Director at Vodafone Omnitel?

Vodafone Omnitel is a huge success and Zigarelli is on record as being a big supporter of end-to-end IP in mobile networks. He has a strong track record in R&D and has moved through several key network operations positions in the past eight years. I would guess he has also been influential in making Omnitel the rebel of the Vodafone Group.
spc_bakerboy 12/4/2012 | 9:16:49 PM
re: Who's Hot in Europe? Alright Ray:

How about my old friends at Tactus (www.tactus.com). Their Caretaker project has got to be a contender. Not only does it technically pull together a number of threads quite elegantly but, much more importantly, it delivers a compelling service for small to medium sized offices and industrial premises (and luxury houses).


Robin Burton
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