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Video Site Cheat Sheet II

Phil Harvey

Editor's Note: The Video Site Cheat Sheet has been updated several times since this post was first published on July 4. The most recent version (and all future versions) can be found right here: http://www.lightreading.com/videoshare.

1:00 AM -- Thanks for all the emails about the first Video Site Cheat Sheet. Your comments challenged me personally and professionally, as did your spelling and grammar.

Following is a new, improved version with 13 additional sites added to the list:

Table 1: The Philter's Video Site Cheat Sheet II

Web Site Does the service offer video editing capability? What's the file size limit? How much does it cost? Can I keep a video private? Does it require a software download?
Atom Films (AddictingClips.com) No 100 Mbytes. Clips must be under 10 minutes in length. Free Yes No
blip.tv No There's no enforced limit. But the service "strongly recommends" files smaller than 100 Mbytes "for performance purposes." Free No No
Bolt No 100 Mbytes Free Yes No
Castpost No 100 Mbytes total storage. The site's in Alpha testing at the moment. From the Web site: "The current Alpha service is free. But we may try to recover some of our costs through ads." Yes No
ClipShack No 100 Mbytes Free No No
Dailymotion No 150 Mbytes Free Yes No
eyespot Yes Max one-time upload limit is seven 50-Mbyte videos Free Yes No
Filecow No 25 Mbytes. Note: This site doesn't show the videos. It's more like Streamload and similar sites used for hosting only. Free Yes No
Google Video No None. From the company's user guidelines: "You can upload as many videos to Google Video as you like, without any size or length limitations." WOW! Free No No
Grouper Yes None. This is a P2P video sharing application so there's a short preview for each movie, then users can download what they want. Free (for now) Yes Yes
Guba No 200 Mbytes Free Yes No
HomeMovie.com Yes None Free (share up to 5 hours of video online per month) Yes Yes
iFilm No 100 Mbytes Free No No
Jumpcut Yes 50 Mbytes Free Yes No
ManiaTV No None stated Free No No
Metacafe No 100 Mbytes Free No No
MySpace No 100 Mbytes Free Yes No
Openvlog No Under 5 minutes in length Free No No
Phanfare No Under 5 minutes in length or less than 1 Gbyte in size $6.95/mo. for unlimited storage Yes Yes
Photobucket No 100 Mbytes Free Yes No
Pooxi No I dunno. The site's in French I dunno. The site's in French I dunno. The site's in French I dunno. The site's in French
Putfile No 25 Mbytes Free No No
Revver No 100 Mbytes Free No Yes
Sharkle No 100 Mbytes Free (up to 1 Gbyte of storage) Yes No
Veoh No None. This is a P2P sharing platform where a short clip of up to 3 minutes is shown from Veoh.com and users decide from that whether to download the rest of the whole video. Free Yes Yes
vidiLife No No limit Free No No
Vimeo No 30 Mbytes a week Free No No
vMix Yes (For slideshows only) 200 Mbytes Free Yes No
vSocial No 100 Mbytes Free No No
Yahoo Video No 100 Mbytes Free No No
Yikers No Under 10 Mbytes $4.95/mo. No No
YouTube No None. From the site's FAQ: "Most videos on YouTube are under five minutes long. There is no specific length limit, but longer videos require more compression to fit in the 100MB size limit, and the quality will go down as the length of the video goes up." Free Yes No
ZippyVideos No 100 Mbytes Free Yes No
Sources: Light Reading, the Internet, and a random shoeshine guy at DFW airport

— Phil Harvey, Video Site Chart Thing Editor, Light Reading

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User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 3:49:51 AM
re: Video Site Cheat Sheet II
Don't know much about it, but http://eefoof.com/ supposedly pays you a percentage if your posted video gets lots of hits.

This is an interesing business model!
User Rank: Light Beer
12/5/2012 | 3:49:50 AM
re: Video Site Cheat Sheet II
I saw it. They're very new and I'm adding to the list.
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