Top Ten 2003 Wireless Bloviations

Where would the wireless industry be without its potential to create a marketing storm in a teacup? For that matter, what the Tom Thumb would we write about?

2003 has seen both startups and incumbent players eager to tout (and possibly even "trout") their potential for market dominance, whether by predicting big contract wins, speedy product launch roadmaps, or just their all-round-general-industry-excellence-goddamit!

Problem is, such claims made months previous to the actual event have a nasty habit of returning to bite the arses of the folk that make them. To honor such wanton exuberance (and, indeed, arse-biting) Unstrung, Light Reading's twisted sister site for the wireless world, is proud to present its pick of the top ten boastful wireless faux pas from industry players this year.

No. 10: IPWireless Conquers the Carriers!

Alternative universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) equipment provider IPWireless Inc. just couldn’t stop waxing lyrical on its forecasted bevy of contract wins expected this year.

In April, marketing director Mark "Let Me Tell You About Our Customers" Pittick claimed the vendor was in trials with ten of the top 20 mobile carriers worldwide, but was unable to reveal names [ed. note: how conweeenient]. (See IPWireless's Stuck Record.)

In August, when the vendor finally managed to announce a meaningful contract win with AtlasONE Malaysia Sdn Bhd. [ed. note: it pvides BROADband cmmunctin SERVics, apparently] Pittick followed up with further big promises. “We are about to announce a bigger deal in the next four weeks in Europe! And another one in the Americas shortly after that! And some major mobile names towards the latter part of Q3 and into Q4!" [emphasis added] (See IPWireless Strikes Double Deal.)

Pitstop stopped short of claiming that his company would then invade Poland. However, the fact that Unstrung is still waiting for any of these "deals" [sic!] to flood in has somewhat reduced the credibility of these claims (and the gullibility of the reporters) round these parts.

Enjoy the rest of the rose-tinted rogues gallery by clicking here.

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

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