Swimming Against the Tide

Here's a claim that quite a few mobile operators might raise a unibrow at. According to research house In-Stat/MDR, the "lack of UMTS handsets that has plagued the launch of WCDMA networks is no longer an issue." (See 3G Handset Supply Sorted!)

So there.

It's an interesting claim, given the overwhelming evidence from operators, financiers, and other market watchers that the scarcity of UMTS handsets has been just about the overwhelming factor holding up the 3G rollout process.

Look out for In-Stat's upcoming swimming-against-the-tide reports: "Why Money Is Not an Issue for Professional Baseball Players"... "Why Breast Dimensions Are Not an Issue on Reality TV Shows"... "Why Iraq's Oil Reserves Are Not an Issue in Today's Political Climate"...

— Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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