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Sunrise Telecom Rises to the Challenge

10:15 AM CEO explains why testing is necessary and what carriers are (or aren't) doing about it

pmoulds 12/5/2012 | 4:24:23 PM
re: Sunrise Telecom Rises to the Challenge

Not worth viewing.  This guy has no insight.  Wireless backhaul has been in the process of upgrading to Ethernet for the last 4 years.  He provides no vision.  T&M vendors follow markets, they don't lead them so hearing this is old news.

Notice how he insults his customer, saying they need to test more.  This guy wouldn't be a good partner for anyone.  He makes a very obvious self serving comment about what is customers are doing wrong.  I'll bet he's a very critical and negative guy.

Notice her second question. He starts his answer with "Oh yeah!".  To edited and too canned.

By the way Sunrise does not have a Chicago office.

Save your time --- Hit Delete and move on to some real LR news!


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