Spectra Switch Is Liquid Crystal

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- SpectraSwitch, a designer and manufacturer of solid-state optical components, announced today that its WaveWalker (TM) 1x2 liquid crystal switch has successfully cycled more than 100 million times, proving that LC technology redefines optical switch reliability. The unprecedented growth of the Internet, multimedia services, and data communications is creating an exponential increase in traffic and transport network requirements. For provisioning, protection, and monitoring applications it is critical for a switch to be durable and reliable enough to cycle through any disaster. SpectraSwitch expects to set a new benchmark by defining a switch's lifetime at 1 billion cycles (the change from one state to another).

"The demand for durability is going to expand as network designers determine where the weakest link is in the design process," said Lindsay Austin, president and CEO of SpectraSwitch. "SpectraSwitch is approaching an impressive benchmark that could become the starting point for new switches entering the market."

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