ZoneTV Launches Dynamic Channels

ZoneTV's Dynamic Channels insert interactive and personalized content inside a traditional TV program guide.

October 2, 2017

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SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Zone•tv, taking a quantum leap forward in the television experience, announces the debut of an entirely new form of television programming: zone•tv Dynamic Channels. This group of 14 individual linear-like TV channels will deliver human-curated digital-first content that is augmented with artificial intelligence, to provide popular content in a highly personalized viewing experience.

Twelve of the 14 new channels are segmented by age groups and by genre to super-serve aficionados of programming about food, gaming, specialty sports, outdoor adventure, kids, entertainment and much more. Zone•tv has acquired 70,000 shows never seen on television to create these new, first-of-its-kind Dynamic Channels. Each channel offers multiple simultaneous program choices that transform hard-to-find digital content into easy to use, engaging television. Zone•tv Dynamic Channels will only be available via affiliated MVPDs and vMVPDs. Viewers can access this highly personalized programming via their electronic programming guide (EPG) for easy discovery.

Only zone•tv Dynamic Channels offer viewers the ability to uniquely sample shows by providing five simultaneous program choices – channels within a channel - for each thematic network. Also, viewers are not time-locked to a specific show schedule: Zone•tv Dynamic Channels allow viewers to move forward and backwards in the show stream to find and watch an intriguing program immediately. Subsequent programs in the stream can change on the fly to reflect the viewer’s new preferences.

"This is revolutionary TV," said Jeff Weber, CEO of zone•tv. "It is the future of television viewing, Zone•tv is the first pay-TV service utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance a linear like channel. And most importantly it is truly dynamic in every sense of the word – for consumers, video producers and distributors."

A viewer may also zone•ify a particular program they are enjoying, creating an entirely new channel on the fly which is consistent with the linear channel they were originally watching. The more the viewer watches and zone•ifies shows that resonate, the more personalized each thematic network becomes over time.

All viewer preferences from each channel are captured and reflected in the "my•zone" channel. My•zone allows each member of the household to have their own personalized Dynamic Channel. The zone•tv cognitive engine, powered by artificial intelligence, uses both active and passive viewing behaviors to tailor a channel specifically for each viewer. My•zone pulls content from all of the Dynamic Channels and applies advanced metadata to determine a variety of topics, emotions, and viewer's interests to create precise categorization of content. No two viewers will ever see the same programming line-up on their my•zone channel. Best of all, the viewer can further zone•ify the my•zone channel to make it even more personalized.

Zone•tv offers a free channel to all viewers of its affiliates, with a sample of the broad range of content found in each of its channels, to showcase the unique functionality and breadth of content on zone•tv Dynamic Channels.

This exciting, cutting-edge package of channels doesn’t require any new hardware in the home. Consumers use their familiar TV remotes and existing set-top boxes to discover shows and enable features like fast-forward and pause in addition to zone•ify and other new features. This represents a win-win for affiliates, who can easily add unique, new-to-TV programs with no disruption to current channel line-ups. Since zone•tv is delivered from the cloud, zone•tv manages the feed: there are no bandwidth management issues for service providers. Affiliates and content providers share in zone•tv’s success through a revenue-sharing model.

  • Mancave: Step in for a testosterone-fueled mix of high powered vehicles, beer, explosions, action, men's fashion tips and so much more

    • Great Outdoors: Tune in to pick up useful outdoor survival tips, learn techniques from the pros on how to reel in your favorite fish or even get an up-close look at some of the world’s deadliest predators

    • Motors: A Mecca for gearheads, with expert car reviews, luxury yachts, planes, tanks and motorcycles. If it goes "VROOM" you can find it here

    • Level Up: The go-to destination for eSports, play-throughs, news and reviews on what’s hot in the gaming and fandom world

    • Game On: Indulge your inner competitor at this channel filled with adrenaline-fueled action and specialty sports

    • Inform: From interviews to enlightening documentaries, you’ll find a thought- provoking perspective on a wide variety of topics

    • Brainiac: Go to space with NASA, learn more about your favorite science, or keep up-to-date with the latest gadgets in the tech world

    • Expression: Dedicated to the best mix of comedy, visual art, dance, music and entertainment

    • Foodies: Chefs of all levels can improve their kitchen skills or just sit back and watch mouthwatering food shows; become a culinary star in your own home

    • Styler: Here, today’s women can find style tips, dating advice, home improvement suggestions, fitness guidance, travel tips and more

    • Hangout: With a mix of fashion, style, pop culture, food and entertainment, this has what it takes to engage teen girls

    • Playground: With fun characters, exciting stories and learning exercises, Playground engages young children to read stories centered on positive family values

    • My•zone: A channel for everyone in the household, personalized with their own favorite shows from all the zone•tv channels in the package

    • Zone•tv: In the spirit "try-before-you-buy," all viewers can watch a sample of the programming offered in the zone•tv Dynamic Channels package and see how the personalization features work

    • ZoneTV

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