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SlideshowColt Invests in US Network, Bigs Up Its Global Appeal

Colt CEO Carl Grivner: Targeting pent-up demand.
Colt CEO Carl Grivner: Targeting pent-up demand.

kq4ym 7/5/2018 | 8:50:53 AM
Re: Infinera? It will be interesting to watch Colt as it makes it's moves. While it's not too likely to put on new customer going against the big guys, as noted " in many cases this is a case of expanding an existing relationship," and keeping those clients operating in other parts of the world connected with them migh well add some revenue and profits along the way.
tojofay 6/20/2018 | 3:14:30 PM
Re: Infinera? Nope. "We have the best, shiny new car on the marketplace today in terms of technology built on Ciena and Cisco's latest and greatest (equipment) so the customer gets the same experience anywhere in the world with the same level of service behind it."

tojofay 6/19/2018 | 3:20:04 PM
Infinera? https://www.infinera.com/colt-technology-services-deploys-infinera-for-european-supercore-network/
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