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Cisco's Clemson on Mobile Cloud Video

Cisco's Conrad Clemson, recently promoted to head up the company's Service Provider Apps & Platforms developments, talks to Light Reading's Founder and CEO Steve Saunders about how he's bringing cloud video, mobile and virtualization together to empower network operators. "If you think about where we're going… whether it's a mobile application, or a video application, or quite frankly a VPN application… it's a service. I think what you're going to see from us is making those services more and more ubiquitous and being a much stronger horizontal play for our service providers," Clemson said in the interview.

imagine321 3/23/2017 | 11:21:47 AM
Giant cisco Yes im agree with you, the giant Cisco can offer services that maybe others can not provide at all.
danielcawrey 1/9/2017 | 5:50:11 PM
Video Interesting. 

Just Cisco's name alone is going to allow it to become a player in mobile video. I don't think many people associate the company with video. However, I'm confident they can offer services that maybe others cannot provide. 
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