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Sarah Thomas 9/3/2013 | 3:18:42 PM
In-flight people How timely as I'm reading this on a flight right now. Can we also do a top 10 list of the most ridculous in-flight people? I will nominate the loud talker next to me. He may drive me to drink a few mini-beverages, which could drive me to make a purchase from the in-flight magazine...I'll comment again in an hour.
albreznick 9/3/2013 | 3:24:04 PM
Re: In-flight people And while we're at it, how about the top 10 dumb things that flight attendants say to their passengers? You could build a whole comedy routine just around the so-called verb, de-planing. As a Canadian resident, I have the pleasure of hearing all these announcements in both English and French on every Air Canada flight. And they can sound just as dumb in French, except they take even longer.

BTW, Steve, does that cat come with the litter qwitter device? Hope not. He's pretty scary looking. 

TeleWRTRLiz 9/3/2013 | 3:32:17 PM
Re: In-flight people I'm getting my dad that voice amplifier for Xmas since being from Western PA, they see Yeti's there all the time so he doesn't need a statue.
mendyk 9/3/2013 | 3:32:49 PM
People power I wonder if our human resources -- oh, sorry ... People & Culture -- department has its collective eye on this beauty: http://www.skymall.com/new-arrivals/the-human-slingshot/HS5710508.html?catid=new-arrivals . Send 'em off in style -- and with a smile.

mendyk 9/3/2013 | 3:35:11 PM
Re: In-flight people Liz, Doesn't that look like an editor you used to work for?
TeleWRTRLiz 9/3/2013 | 3:36:09 PM
Re: In-flight people is that a trick question?
TeleWRTRLiz 9/3/2013 | 3:37:09 PM
Re: In-flight people Also, I just realized I used an incorrect apostrophe to make the plural of Yeti and now I'm wondering what is the plural of Yeti?
DanJones 9/3/2013 | 3:58:25 PM
Re: In-flight people You forgot the free pretezel hoarder.
Steve Saunders 9/3/2013 | 4:02:32 PM
Re: In-flight people Plural of Yeti:





TeleWRTRLiz 9/3/2013 | 4:11:48 PM
Re: In-flight people The answer to one of life's most puzzling questions at last!
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