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Cato delivers independent compliance and security assessment of cloud applications

TEL AVIV, Israel – Cato Networks, the provider of the world's first SASE platform, introduced today independent assessments of cloud application regulatory compliance and security capabilities as part of complete re-architecture of the self-service Cato Management Application. More than 103 frontend improvements and a restructured backend event architecture were introduced, enabling Cato to address the scaling and usability needs of the largest and smallest enterprises. Other additions include a Cloud Application catalog, a Threats dashboard, and an Application Analytics dashboard.

"Cato is leading the SASE convergence revolution, and the Cato Management Application embodies that leadership," says Shlomo Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Cato Networks. "We're delivering total visibility and control with deep insights powered by a massively scalable big data architecture – without sacrificing the ease of use that so uniquely defines the Cato way."

Cato Convergence at Scale Without Compromising Usability

Since its inception, the Cato management application has converged networking and security into an easy-to-use, self-service SASE management platform. As the SASE market matured, and carriers and large enterprises with tens of thousands of users have turned to Cato, new enterprise requirements needed to be addressed without losing the usability that made Cato the winner of the UX award for design.

Read the full release here.

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